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Carla Boyer – Life Coach
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A program of discovery of the awareness and knowledge you innately have within you to help you achieve your life goals. 

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You have started your journey but are not quite sure how to get there. Together, you and I, we will build strategies to get you there.

Uncomfortable with where you are and are really really ready to move forward. Together, you and I, we will journey together.

Striving for a better future and willing to dive deep into yourself. The goal is always yours, and with coaching, you can achieve it.

Are you willing to be honest with yourself, be open to hear honest feedback and be held accountable? Then you are ready for transformational life coaching.

About Carla

Carla Preston Boyer, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach,  Founder of The You Are Worthy Movement and Author of Chasing Light. Carla worked in mental health and addictions for over 18 years in management, peer support and advocacy roles. Her personal journey through depression and anxiety have helped form her passion for ending the stigma and shame attached to mental health and addiction issues. Carla’s life took a definitive, unexpected twist in the last year with several traumatic events happening back to back. She has taken these events as great lessons and opportunities for even more growth and is now sharing them through coaching, speaking and The You Are Worthy Movement.


It is perhaps the irony that makes this story so different from others. Carla has built a career in mental health, and spends her days helping others facing depression. She once thought she knew it all. She now knows she will always have much to learn. “It is in your darkest moments that you are faced with a choice. Will you be swallowed up in the shadows, or will you chase the light?” Chasing Light may be just one woman’s story of a lifelong journey with depression and anxiety, but within its pages you will find pieces of yourself, or of loved ones on similar paths. Carla Harmer’s compelling desire to help others plunges into a rare depth of honesty. She generously shares all that has shaped her and all that she’s learned along the way. 


“Carla has a magical way of connecting your heart to her story so much so that you can see yourself looking in the mirror saying “I am worthy.” As a speaker she speaks into your soul as she opens up her heart and shares some of her most vulnerable moments of breakdown and her journey into breakthrough. Whether her words are delivered through her book or from the stage, her wisdom and light provide the clarity and awakening that we all need to be reminded that our lives are ours to love and feel loved. In this sacred rise of the divine feminine her message is timely and vital.”

~ Marlo Ellis, Founder and Visionary of The Uncommon Woman